Monday, October 24, 2011

Italy Part 6

On our second day in Florence we had a half bus half walk tour.  We started out by going to Michelangelo Square.  You get an incredible view of Florence from this point.  There is also a fake David statue hear.  After seeing the real David the fake David is pretty offensive.  There was a lot going on in this square.  There were street vendors like in any other part of Italy.  There was a guitar player jamming for money.  We also saw a wedding party walk around and take pictures.  I took pictures of them with the zoom zoom(Julia's name for it) lens.  I felt like a creep taking the pictures, but they looked very nice.  This was one of my favorite parts of Florence.  These pictures give you an idea of the views and the happenings in the area.  

After the square we got on the bus and rode back to the main part of Florence.  We were dropped off and the rest of the tour was walking.  We eventually left the group because we felt like we could see more things on our own.  We did see some interesting things before we left them.  

We had lunch near the Duomo and decided to go to the top of the Dome.  If you are willing to climb the 463 stairs to get to the top you will enjoy a marvelous view.  I do not have pictures of the steps going up, because I was concentrating on not falling.  The stairs were a tight fit, and spiraled.  There was also a portion of steps that were inclined significantly.  Once we got to the top, it was well worth it.  Julia did not accept the excellence of the view do to our distance from the ground.  

We did a lot of resting after the dome tower.  The plan was to take a trip to Pisa the next day.  We took the Italian equivalent of the commuter rail to get there.  It took one hour to get there.  We spent half the day there, and had lunch in a fly infested restaurant.  That was not much fun.  We made it to the leaning tower after lunch and walked around the area.  There were a lot of vendors in this area.  A bike fair was also going on for kids, and there was flea market type festival going on as well.  Pisa was very busy that day.  

We had one last night in Florence and we walked around after dinner.  There was a spot that had some cut outs of people and we took some pictures there.  I also took some pictures of the streets and the hotel.  

That is it for Florence.  Florence was my favorite place that we visited in Italy.  We got ourselves packed for our trip to Venice the rest of the night.  I think there is 1 more post left form the trip, so if you're not sick of them you have one more post to look forward to. 

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  1. Great eye Rog!!! Love the cut outs, did you use a tripod or a by passer to snap!