Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Italy Part 3

On our second day in Rome we went on a bus tour.  The pick up location location for the bus are crawling with people trying to sell you hats, water, and shawls.  These men are persistent and will ask you a limitless number of times if you want a hat or water.  I think Julia and I witnessed a turf war between the mobile vendors.  One man was kindly escorted away from our location by the other men who were selling items.  Apparently he didn't have his selling license for that particular stop.  I tried taking some pictures on the bus as we were driving through the city, but I was not a fan of that.  By the time I made setting changes to my camera whatever I wanted to take a picture of was already gone.  Here are some pictures I thought were decent enough to show you guys.

We got off the bus right before it crossed over the bridge for Vatican City.  We decided to walk around and find the Pantheon.  We also were getting hungry.  As we were walking we found some interesting statues and eventually the Pantheon. 

 After we left the Pantheon we made are way towards Vatican City.  The walk was long but we found some interesting things along the way. 

We kept walking towards the Vatican, but got delayed when we found Castel Sant' Angelo.  We decided to go in and walk around to see what it was about.  After we left the castle we met the gunslinger, and finally got our first glimpse of the Vatican.

This is where I will end today.  I will try to post a few more updates tomorrow night, but no promises.  Thank you for reading and looking. 

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