Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Pictures

I have not posted in a while and I am still not close to finishing my self imposed colors project.  I have not been very active in taking pictures lately.  I am taking another class at NESOP starting in January.  Hopefully, the class will get my juices going.  I am at a creative stand still with the colors project.  I refuse to let it be as simple as black means sad, and red means anger.  I am trying to get some sort of idea that I am satisfied with and one that will express itself in picture form. 
Anyways, this post will consist of random pictures of friends, lights, and if you're lucky I might share some of the "black" pictures I tried out this week.

These pictures are from Corey's 30th birthday party.  I am still not big on getting people to do "formal" pictures. The Xbox 360 cake that played game discs made of pancakes!


I didn't take many pictures at the party.  There were too many things distracting me, food, beer, and tom foolery. 

Wednesday night we took a trip to La Sallete.  I have never seen that many Christmas lights in my life.  The church must pass around an extra collection plate for their electricity bill. 

Lights everywhere!  It was really cold that night too.  I need to invest in some camera friendly gloves. 

So, I guess I can share some of the test pictures I did for "black."  Please keep in mind I was experimenting with these pictures and never really got in a comfortable groove taking them.  Julia was a sport though, so she deserves most of the credit. 

Stop!  Bowser Time!

I am not entirely happy with how the "black" pictures came out.  I'm not even sure what idea I would want to get across using this set up.  I like the pop effect black has on other colors.  Black tends to make colors brighter.  Maybe that's the idea that can come out of these pictures.  Black makes you notice other colors.  If there was no black would you appreciate other colors as much as you do.  What colors were the most prominent to you in the pictures?  Was the black over bearing to you or did the other colors shine through?  I need to use my brain and get moving on this.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Cannavo's

Today I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Steve and Kerri with their child Sophia.  It was a good experience and it's safe to say Sophia had the most fun out of all of us.She even made a friend.  The toughest part of taking pictures of children is getting them to look at you, the camera.  My method is to get my settings squared away and take multiple pictures in succession.  Sophia didn't even cry once so, I think we made out pretty solid.  I'll cut to the chase and get to the pictures.  

This picture is very fun.  She has her arm swing technique down.  

I think that is a good picture to end this post.  I had fun taking the pictures, Sophia had fun running around outside.  I say that is a successful day. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Italy Part 7

This is the end.  These pictures document our last three days in Italy.  We had the pleasure of staying in Venice for the last part of our trip.  Venice is a different world, a water world!  I swear I saw the mariner chugging along the waters of Venice.  They are no cars, only boats.  It seemed like everyone owned a boat.  The boats are the cars.  It's wild.  They drive the boats the same as you would drive a car.  We got there in the early afternoon and ate lunch.  We got ourselves squared away and ventured out to see what Venice had to offer.  The walk turned out to be longer than we expected.  Everyone says you should get lost in Venice.  What they don't tell you is you will get lost in Venice.  You "should" get lost in Venice.  I read between the lines, well played.  One wrong turn will have you searching for a familiar sight for hours.  You'll think you're going the right direction only to take a turn and find nothing but water.  Stresso!

  We walked and walked and walked.  We kept walking until we found the Piazza San Marco.  This is the location of the Doge's Palace and Saint Mark's Basilica.  This is also the hub for gondola activity.  If you wanted a gondola ride you're guaranteed to find one here.  You would also find legions of pigeons, everywhere.

 We managed to find our way back to the hotel, and drag ourselves out to dinner.  We took a quick night time walk.  The night hides a lot of Venice's blemishes. 

The second day found us walking back to Piazza San Marco.  We managed to get there much quicker and easier the second day.  We had a tour to meet up with, but we were a little early so we walked around and I took some more pictures.  We had a Ron Perlman sighting and also met a fearless pigeon.

  After our tour we hopped on a boat and went to the Glass factory on Murano.  We saw the shop master make a vase and a horse faster than it wakes me to put my shoes on.  It was very fascinating.  After the demonstration, we were able to buy items if we wanted to.  Their fancy glass is not cheap.  I saw a couple of pieces that were over 40 grand.

We got back on the boat and headed back to Venice.  I was messing around with my camera a bit and took pictures of random things on the boat.  There is also a couple of pictures of interesting things along the way.

The next set of pictures show a little bit of what the waterways are like with traffic.  I am amazed I did not see one accident the whole time we were there.


The final night we took a casual walk around Venice.  The last night there was bitter sweet.  Italy was fantastic, but I couldn't wait to get back to Boston.  These are it, the last Italy photos.  Photo wise I think I took some good pictures.  I think I handled myself pretty well.  Obviously not every picture came out decent, a bunch were pretty poor.  I'm sure I posted some that were awful, but I thought were good.  From what everyone says to me, the pictures are great.  I'm not sure if you guys are scared to bring me down a notch or two.  If you are I implore you to critique me so I can get better.

Ciao Bella.