Sunday, October 23, 2011

Allie and Francesco

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Allie and Francis today.  If it needs to be defined as something, I will define it as "pseudo engagement" pictures.  Most of you know Francis as Susi, and if you know Susi you know he has the Jaw line of a Greek God.  We were testing the waters.  I was seeing what I liked with input from the boss.  We all threw out ideas and I think I took a decent amount of good pictures.  We learned things, so it was well worth the time.  While you're taking the pictures you concentrate so much on what settings you want that you don't notice something may be off with you subjects.  This was only part one, so we'll use what we learned for next time. 
The first picture would have been a nice shot if I positioned them closer.  A simple move closer together would have made the picture better 10 fold.  After looking at the picture again I noticed that you can't really see the important part of the ring either.  See you look and look and learn. 
The next two pictures work in my eyes.  They both have a casual feel to them.  I think the hardest thing I've encountered is making people look comfortable in formal pictures.

The next couple of pictures are some more on the steps.  I am a big fan of the second picture.  They both look very happy, and I like the background as well.

These next pictures are at a different spot on the same staircase.  I like the background of trees and bushes.  I think it provides a nice back drop.

We tried to take some pictures of them walking down a pathway.  This did not work out as well as we hoped, but I think the next picture managed to make the attempt pointless.
We moved on to different spot and took a couple of pictures in front of a bush with reddish flowers.

The next set of pictures were taken of them sitting on a stone ledge near a lot of shrubbery, and flowers.  We moved around and changed up the way they were set up.

We moved once again, and tried something a little different.  We got some good shots of them dancing between rows of vines.

The last set of pictures are on a stairwell near some more shrubbery and plants that provided a nice back drop for these pictures.

That's all she wrote.  We are going for round two this coming Saturday.  I enjoyed myself today, and learned a little bit of what works and does not work.  I hope you enjoyed these pictures even though they broke the Italy streak we had going.  

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  1. Great pics and really have to give Allie some credit here Rog!! Great scarf really compliments a nice blue sweater. Rog I would have them wear something dark again in the spring when the Arboreatum's(spelled right?) flowering pears, crabapples and other white flowering trees are budding. The white and pink backgrounds would add significant light and really bring out the subjects. Similar to the Cannavo family wearing light colors with rich foliage behind them. You are hired, great stuff. I see "Leone Photography" When pictures come to life, in your future:)