Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Italy Part 2

You have now wet your feet in the pool of Italy.  Let us continue with our journey.  As an aside, these pictures do Rome no justice.  If you ever have a chance to go, we highly recommend you do.  This part is exciting.  This is the one thing I wanted to see when I was in Italy.  First, you will see pictures of our approach, and then pictures of the Colosseum from a distance, and then us trying to find how to get to the Colosseum.  We may have found the Colosseum on accident, but that's no big deal. 

We're not quite there yet.  We have some pictures of our travels before entering the Colosseum.  Flowers, roads to, the guys from Assassins Creed, and more.  We got side tracked before entering.  We saw the Arco di Costantino, and walked in the ruins first.  OH!  Duff Beer!

I took just under 2,000 pictures on this trip.  You're in for a long ride.  After seeing all of the ruins and other random areas we finally went into the Colosseum.  The most surprising thing for me was that the ground of the Colosseum is gone.  So, when you're in there you see all the hallways and cells that were beneath it.  There is also a makeshift museum in the Colosseum.  It was an odd experience to think of the Colosseum as the Romans Fenway park or Yankee Stadium. 

After we left the Colosseum we went back to the hotel and went out to dinner.  We took a nap from 8PM to 930PM, and went out and I took some pictures of Rome in the night.  It was on this walk where Julia decided she didn't care for my walking ways.  We walked from 930PM to 300AM.  It was a little excessive I admit, but I think we would both do it again.  We saw things we would never have seen if we didn't walk.  The night pictures are of the same places we visited during the day, and some new places we found in our travels.  We stumbled across a rave going on at Circo Massimo.  They were getting down to remixes of American songs, it was funny seeing people dance to a mix of Rage Against the Machine.  Anyways here are the pictures from our first night in Rome.

That is the end of our first night in Rome.  Our first day was filled with walking, and eating.  Cena is pretty upset with me that I haven't walked her yet.  I'm going to take her out.  When I get back I will work on another post.

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