Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PAX East: The Interviews

My job going to PAX East was to take pictures for Corey, so he would have pictures to go with words on his website Robot Geek.  Corey had interviews throughout the day with various developers of different games.  It was interesting to hear these guys talk about games in ways you don't really think about.  The last thing on my mind while playing a game is the technical aspects, or what a developer was thinking.  It was a nice window into what they go through while making a game.  

Corey's interview with the important people who hand a hand in a game called Majestic-12.

Corey's interview for Double Dragon Neon.  This game is fantastic, they let me play it.  I was sold.

 I feel like this guy was scolding Corey the whole interview.  The actual game, Sine Mora, was pretty good.

Corey's final interview was for a game called Wreckateer for Kinect on XBOX 360.  You knock down castles in it, what's not to like.

Shooting for the interviews was fun, and listening to the developers talk was a nice bonus. 

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