Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kim and Glacy's Wedding Part 2

Let's keep the train rolling. 

Now, we get to dresses. The first one is Glacy's and the second one is Kim's no matter how much Steve wanted it to be his.

Kim has her game face on, she's ready to put the dress on and get this wedding thing done. 

While Kim and Glacy were putting their dresses on everyone else was putting the final touches on themselves.



Everyone was helping everyone get ready.

Even more helping.

Mom and daughters.

Some more helping.

Kim may have been ready to tell me to stop following her at this point, maybe.


Glacy with Christian, the man responsible for the cake that was one of the many stars of the wedding.

Next post Kim and Glacy see each other in their dresses for the first time.

I was using a Nikon D800 and a Nikon D5100 throughout the wedding. As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Also, if you want or need pictures let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

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