Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kim and Glacy's Wedding Part 1

Hello all, this is part one of my blog posts from Kim and Glacy's wedding. I'll start off by saying this was my first wedding where I was officially taking pictures. I may have been slightly nervous that I was going to puke on my shoes and make a fool of myself. You have to clear your head, seriously. If I went into this without taking a moment to myself and get all the what ifs out of my head it would have been bad. You have to be confident and do what you can do, not hopeful and try things you may not be able to do. A wedding is not a place to experiment new techniques that you are unfamiliar with, stick to what you know.  

I hope these posts help you relive the wedding, and bring back all the fond memories you may have of that night. Everyone who was there witnessed the love, and beauty booming out of the Whittemore-Robbins house. I was honored to have been chosen to capture the most important day in two people's lives. 

The anticipation of the event was on everyone's face as everyone was preparing for the wedding. A nervous excitement was in the air, more excitement than nerves. 

Maria, Kim's sister was on her A-game helping Kim and being photogenic. Everyone involved in the ceremony looked lovely for the wedding.  

A look at the empty room where the ceremony was taking place. The room provided for a very intimate ceremony. The table was tasked with holding Kim and Glacy's vows, the rings and the scripts for the ceremony. The table had a lot of responsibility that night.

Kim and Glacy before changing into their wedding dresses.

Denise is either extremely happy her best bud is getting married, or the Bruins may have just scored a goal.

 Glacy spending time with Marcileia and Jordania.

Kim and her mom before the wedding.

Glacy and Kathy before the wedding.

Kim's good friend, Matt, entertained us with magic tricks. 

The men of the wedding party making themselves look presentable for the evening. Getting dressed and drinking bud lights, is there another way?

We will be getting to the dresses in the next post. 

I was using a Nikon D800 and a Nikon D5100 throughout the wedding. As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Also, if you want or need pictures let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

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