Saturday, March 3, 2012

Class Attack!

This post will have some more pictures I took for my class at the New England School of Photography.  I have not kept up with my updates, mostly due to me playing Skyrim non stop.  I decided that I was going to try to get out of my comfort zone with my final project for the class.  I still don't exactly know what I will be doing as the final project but I know it will involve people.  I want to improve on my photo skills when it comes to people.  I want to get better at portrait photos.  I also want to get better at taking a picture that conveys a clear emotion to the viewer.  Anyways, photographing people is very awkward.  I have had success photographing people many times, but I always feel like they could have been better.  As I type this I feel the pictures I am posting could be better.  My pals were nice enough to assist me in my endeavor.  These pictures were an ice breaker to see where I could go for my final project.  Let's get to it.
  By far this is my favorite picture of this bunch.  I asked for sexy and Corey delivered.
I am starting to develop a liking to focus specific pictures.  You can get some good shots by changing the focus points.
I think this picture could have worked if I focused on the magazine only as well.
Now, this picture could lead to some other ideas for my final project.  No explanation is needed to understand this picture.

These are more pictures where ideas start coming out for my final project.  The end goal would be to have 15-20 pictures that tell a story that you can follow from one picture to the next.

I was messing around with what I wanted in the pictures with this set.  Would the first two pictures have been better if all of Julia was in the picture, or is it more striking because she's not?

Don't mind the wrinkles!  I like this set of pictures, because I feel like we did as many things as we could with a text book.  The book was not light so, Julia deserves some props for putting up with me.
I think a lot of things work in these pictures.  All the colors in the picture fighting off the black back drop works well.  The chair adds a lot to the pictures as well.  Allie's hair has a good flow and shine to it too. 
Teacher in action!
I also took some pictures of Cena for my class.  I'm pretty sure any class needs more Cena.  I can't think of one instance where a class would not be better if Cena or any dog for that matter was there.  
That's all she wrote.  
As far as my final project goes I am still not sure on what the end game will be.  I am running out if time!  I need to get myself going.

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