Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Class Attack: Bear Arms Edition

Welcome everyone to my newest blog post.  This post is a continuation of people pictures.  The lucky contestants were Crystal and Joe this time around.  I think we had some fun with it, and I feel like we got some good pictures.  Let's get this show on the road.

Crystal was a support sport with these pictures.  If you have seen the cover for the first season of Burn Notice you will see that these were a complete rip off of that.

I like the different points of view these pictures have.  

Same idea with these pictures.  These were a complete rip off of the Grant Wood American Gothic painting.

The tables have turned in these pictures.

Messing around with the assortment of guns Joe has for when the Zombies come.

And you thought you would make it through a post with out Cena.  How dare you!?

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  1. Roger your pics are great! You are becoming quite the photographer. you are inspiring me to start learning more about my camera so I can take good pics like this.