Saturday, August 25, 2012

8bit proof: The Hangover Strikes Back

Hello all, I have been absent from blog posting for a while now.  I have not taken many pictures for a while as well.  The motivation has not been there for me, so I have not bothered taking the camera out.  Last week, I needed to take some pictures for the facebook page for 8bit proof.  I had to come up with an idea for the cover image on our page.  An aside before I get into the cover photo process.  Besides not posting for a while I have also not giving much of an insight on what I was doing when I took the pictures.  A couple of people mentioned to me that I should get back to do doing that, so I intend to get back to it.  Also, another photo enthusiast and friend Randy started a photo blog of his own.  You can find his blog at Photo Delly.  After looking at his blog I was impressed with his photos and the fact that he took the time to explain himself and add story to the pictures.

Let's move on, and get to it.  Since facebook decided to go a timeline page style, I had to come up with a cover image that would capture the spirit of 8bit proof.  Obviously, love of video games is the main focus of the podcast.  Followed closely by the enjoyment of a beverage or two.  Our love for video games started when we were young.  We grew up in a time when video games were evolving into a household entertainment choice.  Nintendo Entertainment System was the top dog when our video game love startedto blossom.  I had the my idea.  The hard part comes next.  Taking that idea and turning it into something that pops and conveys our intent.

In the end, I manage to get two images that I felt like worked.  They worked for the format of the cover photos on facebook.  They also worked getting the idea of the podcast across as well.  The first one is not too busy, and has a straight forward approach to it.  The picture was taken at 1/60 shutter speed, and the aperture was f/5.  The ISO was set at 200 and I used a SB600 Nikon flash.  
 I enjoy this picture, but it still didn't capture what I was looking for fully.  8bit proof is a podcast, so I felt like it was necessary to include some of the things we use during the podcast.  So, I added more items to the picture, and made it a little busier.  I also felt like if there was too much in the frame it would be too much.  I decided to pick one thing to focus on and let everything else bleed into the background.  This is the final product of the thought process.  This is the picture that now graces 8bit proof's facebook page.
At the end of the day, I felt like this was the best image to show you what 8bit proof was about.  The microphone is in focus with the rest of the items out of focus in the background of the picture  I felt like if everything was in focus it wouldn't be as eye grabbing picture.  Don't be shy, like 8bit proof at 8bit proof's facebook page.

Now, let's move on to the second episode podcast that we made last night.  The podcast topic for episode 2 was trilogies.  We discussed and scored 10 trilogies from movies and video games.  The discussions were heated and points were made.  I made myself the official photographer for 8bit proof, and in between sounding like a fool I took pictures.

 Episode 2 is in the bag, check out blast magazine on Wednesday to hear the episode in full.  I hope you enjoyed the photographs.  Thank you for your patronage.

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