Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello all, this blog post centers around Kimberly Bomba.  You can check out some of her music here.  Kim is a good friend and also happens to be the maid of honor for Julia and I's wedding.  Hopefully you guys enjoy some of these pictures. 
This first picture was taken at an alley in Boston.  We both liked the "look" of the brick and we went from there.  (Technical Info:SS 1/60 Aperture f/5.6) 
I was trying to get Kim in focus and have everything else fade into the background of the picture.  I think I accomplished that in this picture.  The brick work starts to get out of focus as it moves away from Kim.  Kim is the primary focus of the picture and nothing else in the picture takes away from that.  
The next picture is in the same location.  I took the picture straight on and had Kim is looking of to the side.  (Technical Info: SS 1/60 Aperture f/4.8)
I like the layout of the picture.  I like that she is looking of to the right.  I think it would have been a better picture if all of Kim and the guitar were shown.  
The next picture was taken in a different location, but brick work was still present.  You can't see it in this picture but this structure had many brick archways that had a nice look to them.  (Technical Info: SS 1/80 Aperture f/5)
The first thing my eyes are drawn to in this picture are the bricks which then lead your eyes to Kim.  I like the almost tunnel effect this picture has.  I like the subtle smile Kim has going on in this picture as well.  It becomes more clear as I go on that the small things are what make a picture.
This picture has a little more going on than the last one.  The background is a little more busy and Kim was not stationary in the picture.  (Technical Info:  SS 1/100 Aperture f/8)
This is a fun picture.  You get the whole archway effect and the tunnel effect as well.  The archways in the background also add a nice touch.  The light that's coming from the top of the room is a nice touch as well.  Again, Kim makes the picture work.  
The next picture we had Kim play the guitar like would when performing, and I took a bunch of pictures from different angles.  This one is my favorite from that set.  (Technical Info: SS 1/60 Aperture f/5)
 I like how the guitar is right there for you to notice.  It is a prominent part of this picture.  I like how Kim is looking down and not even concerned with someone taking pictures of her.  The background is busy, but I ignored it and let it get whitewashed.  I didn't want to take anything away from Kim.  
I was trying to mess around with focus in this picture.  The more things I try to do with my camera the more I realize I need a new one.  (Technical Info: SS 1/60 Aperture f/5)
I wanted Kim to be in focus in this picture.  I wanted the guitar to be there, but I also wanted it to be hazy.  Kim is definitely in focus, but I wish I got the guitar to be a little more out of focus.  Even though I still enjoy this picture, for the perspective of it.  It feels like your eyes have to travel a distance before getting to Kim.
This is another picture where I was trying to mess around with the focus.  I tried a different angle with this picture.  (Technical Info: SS 1/80 Aperture f/5.30)
 I like this picture a lot.  The head of the guitar is the only thing in focus.  I love how the black pops out at you, and you have no choice but to notice it.  There is not much going on in this picture but it is one of my favorites out of all of them.  The small things...
This next picture is larger in scale.  There is a lot more going on.  We wanted to try to get a few pictures with a silhouette feel to it.  (Technical Info:  SS 1/200 Aperture f/14, SS 1/250 Aperture f/14)

I like both of these pictures.  We could have done without the Segway family in the pictures.  I love the columns, and the archways in the first picture.  The first picture has a very ominous look to it.  The second picture has a very crisp look to it.  There's no confusion about what's going on in the picture.  Ladies and Gentleman The Mysterious Kim Bomba!
The next picture was taking in a different location.  We were in a pathway with benches and what looked like something you would see in a vineyard.  (Technical Info:  SS 1/125 Aperture f/5)
I like the trees in the background.  I like how Kim is looking at the guitar.  It has a casual feel to it and I think that works.  
The next picture is in the same location, and is super fun.  (Technical Info:  SS 1/80 Aperture f/8)
I like the angle of the photo, the placement of the guitar, and the face Kim is making.  I like the background of the vines with the sun coming through.  I think this is a very fun picture and would be a picture I would use if I had to describe Bomba using pictures.

Alright, I'm going to be the George Costanza of picture blogs, and leave on a high note.  I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures.  Kim and I had fun taking them.  


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  1. Nice photos as always. I really dig the one of Kim walking under the archway while playing, and the very last photo.