Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cape Cod Weekend

I spent a weekend on the Cape in June.  I managed to take a lot of pictures and some of them came out half decent.  The first picture is of Joe with a 40 of Miller High Life. 
I wish I took a couple more of this picture to get it a bit darker.  I only took 2 pictures of this.  The first one that ended up being a white wash was taken with a shutter speed of 1/125 sec and an f stop of 10.  The one I posted was taken with a shutter speed of 1/500 sec and an f stop of 13.  A small change in the settings can make a world of a difference.  There was no point in putting the first picture on here because you could picture Joe's face in a blizzard.
The next picture is of Susi.  I like this picture for many reasons.  I think the colors of his clothes mingle well with the colors of the house behind him, and it's a picture that I think shows you a bit of Susi's personality. 
   The more I look at the picture the more I like it.
The next picture is of Joe and Corey. I think a couple of things work for this picture, mainly the sun subtly shining on them.  Their faces also add something to the picture as well.
 I don't think the sun does much damage.  You can still see the detail in Joe's face, and it doesn't drastically change the tone of the picture.  This picture was taken with a shutter speed of 1/200 sec and an f stop of 7.1.  The sun was to the right of Corey and Joe. 

The next picture is of Crystal.  I'm not sure if I would have liked it better if the shadows were less than they are, but I think the picture came out looking good with them there. 

She looks about as happy as anyone could be when a picture is taken of them. 
The next picture has no people in it, but I'm sure many a person can write you a 10 page paper of the joys and pains a ringer like that brings. 
I tried to get the focus of the picture to be on the balls, and I think it was a pretty good attempt.  I think anyone who has been involved in a game of ladder ball can feel some sort of emotion after seeing this picture.  Ladder ball, real life.
I started to take portrait pictures later on during the evening, and this one of Steve was my favorite.

I love everything about this picture.  The intensity in his eyes, the nostril flare, and the shadow all work for me.  I think he could use this for any professional picture he will ever need. 
I think that is enough pictures for one post.
Now, some rambling...
I find myself getting extremely bored if I have to take pictures of a certain thing.  How many different ways can I take a picture of a tree?  I enjoyed taking pictures during that cape weekend.  The only downside of taking pictures of a party type atmosphere is that people are constantly in motion and the lighting is continuously changing.  I had 15-20 pictures that would have been great if I had to chance to hold the people in time and adjust the setting to get it right.  I also have the strong desire for a new camera.  Mo money Mo problems!  My next post will be pictures I took of Julia.  I was happy with how it went, I think I will have it posted by the end of this week.     


  1. The pics of Susi, Stevo, and Crystal are fantastic but I must admit the ladder ball pic is my fav. Those glistening balls, just hanging in their riteous defiance. The things you can bring out of balls are impressive.

  2. My favorite is the picture of Stevo, but for different reasons. I how his necklace and collar line up and how small he can make his mouth.

    Susi's shirt says Aperture! Don't know what that means but it's something to with photography.